I am so excited about the opportunity that investing in oil and gas funds is providing.  I recommend USO (United States Oil Fund) and UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund).  Both of these are going to be my 30 day play with 15,000 and 14,000 shares respectively.  Brexit Brexit Brexit!!!  That’s all you hear about.  Both these funds felt the shockwave on Tuesday 7/7/16 with  both funds loosing nearly 7% between Tuesday opening and Wednesday afternoon.  All the doom and gloom is surely having its effect as well as both oil and gas surpluses.  But!!!!! I believe we are about to see oil bust through the $50.00 barrel mark as we saw at the beginning of June ($51.23) and head to $60.00 this with USO following behind. This 20% increase reflected in USO means a share price of around $13.60, still no where near its 52 week high of $18.33, which was in July 2015, I’m just saying.  Now, I might be acting like a dog whose master is cooking bacon, but even a less optimistic number of $13.00 still is a gain of $1.70 per share (based on today’s closing price).  Lets see 15,000 shares times $1.70 well that’s $25,500. Now you can see my tail wagging.  The same applies for UNG. With its worst day in 8 months behind it and Brexit woes simmering down,  I think it is going to be smooth sailing from here on out.  I don’t think oil is going back to $120.00 a barrel any time soon, but I do think over the short its looking good.  Check out USO and UNG for yourself.  I’d like to see everyone making money on this one.

Good Luck,


Todays Plays

Today I will be looking at gold and silver mining companies,  I will be keeping a close eye on EXK, GPL, FVI, HMY, GFI.  With the weekend between the Brexit vote and today The market has seems to be improving slightly.   All of these stocks saw good gains on Friday as investors looked to find safer ground.  I won’t be looking for the same gains as Friday but believe there is still some green left.  If you are going to invest in these stocks today spread your funds out equally amongst three or four of your liking.

Good Luck,



Why am I doing this?  I want to share the tips and techniques that I use daily with anyone who is interested in making money in the stock market.  As well, as adding some real excitement to their lives.

The market is too dangerous, too unpredictable, and I don’t have a lot of money to invest… I hear these comments all the time. Yes, the Stock Market can be a dangerous place if you don’t have the patience and skills needed to navigate a whirlwind of opinions from critics everyday.  The market only needs to be as risky as one makes it.  I will not fill you with some false hope or make you think that you will become rich overnight.  Unless, you win the lottery or have some rich uncle who dies and leaves you millions of dollars unexpectedly, your probably like the most of us and work hard to make the living you have.  That’s what makes this so great!!!  You don’t need millions of dollars to start making money in the Market.  You just need to get started and that’s how I’m going to help.   I don’t have a degree in economics from Harvard nor have I spent years working with the Wolves of Wall Street, but I have what we all have and that is a desire to provide myself with the things I need and sometimes the things I want as well as a little common sense.   

Over the next few months as I develop this blog,  I will provide you with the answers you need to get started in the exciting world of trading in the Market.  From which online discount stock brokerage firm, such as E-Trade, (I use Etrade) to what stocks I have in my portfolio the stocks that I am researching and the trades that I am making on a daily basis.

We will be discussing the current events that shape our world and effect our Market.

I encourage everyone that visits this page to use the information provided to better their life financially.  I want everyone to share their opinions and their knowledge so that together we can all prosper!!




Welcome everyone to Stockblogpro!!!  I am so excited to get this site started!!   First I have to give a shout out to my Beautiful Mother who gave me this great idea.  My secretary  who is always full of encouragement and ready to assist and Justiene Radcliff, with GoDaddy, who was an absolute pleasure to deal with in setting this up.  Also, my four beautiful children.  They are the ones that inspire me.  I wanted to start a blog where I could converse about the important things that effect our world and its economy while at the same time help people who may be looking for other ways to make a little extra income or would like to add excitement to their life.  I have been trading in the market for over twelve years and have learned quite a few tips along the way.  I will be sharing these tips along with my daily trades and the reasons I make them.  I encourage anyone to join in with their thoughts, ideas and comments. I only ask one thing, that we remember to be polite to others and be as honest as can be.  I look forward to conversing with everyone and know that we are going to have a blast blogging and of course making money in the Market!!!  Please help me get the word out by referring Stockbloggerpro.com to your friends.

God Bless