I am so excited about the opportunity that investing in oil and gas funds is providing.  I recommend USO (United States Oil Fund) and UNG (United States Natural Gas Fund).  Both of these are going to be my 30 day play with 15,000 and 14,000 shares respectively.  Brexit Brexit Brexit!!!  That’s all you hear about.  Both these funds felt the shockwave on Tuesday 7/7/16 with  both funds loosing nearly 7% between Tuesday opening and Wednesday afternoon.  All the doom and gloom is surely having its effect as well as both oil and gas surpluses.  But!!!!! I believe we are about to see oil bust through the $50.00 barrel mark as we saw at the beginning of June ($51.23) and head to $60.00 this with USO following behind. This 20% increase reflected in USO means a share price of around $13.60, still no where near its 52 week high of $18.33, which was in July 2015, I’m just saying.  Now, I might be acting like a dog whose master is cooking bacon, but even a less optimistic number of $13.00 still is a gain of $1.70 per share (based on today’s closing price).  Lets see 15,000 shares times $1.70 well that’s $25,500. Now you can see my tail wagging.  The same applies for UNG. With its worst day in 8 months behind it and Brexit woes simmering down,  I think it is going to be smooth sailing from here on out.  I don’t think oil is going back to $120.00 a barrel any time soon, but I do think over the short its looking good.  Check out USO and UNG for yourself.  I’d like to see everyone making money on this one.

Good Luck,